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Mountaineering schools:

The main themes include technical details about the equipment used for climbing and mountaineering during the summer/winter seasons, safety and insurance details, school for the assurance of the climbing leader in case of falling, main ascending and descending techniques, first aid instructions and summer/winter bivouac.

The SUMMER school lasts minimum 2 weeks and includes a full membership for a month, theoretical classes, training hours but does not include special equipment. The theoretical classes and the training hours have as aim the achievement of the information necessary to the development and learning of the rock climbing techniques as well as learning how to choose and use correctly the equipment.
At the participants' express request, these classes can take place in mountainous regions, both in our country and in foreign countries, depending on their wish.

The summer school is organized with minimum 4 students.

The WINTER school lasts between 1 and 3 weeks and has as aim different techniques: the mountain in the winter season, the ice cascade, ice climbing.
The mountain escapes are established according to the group and the weather's status.
In the mountainous area, the techniques learned during the theoretical classes and training hours at the gym will be put into practice.

Coach booking :

We offer you, for a fee, the help of a personal trainer for the entire period of your training.
You can choose directly at the gym or book previously a session with one of our trainers:

1. Marius Florescu tel: 0722846659
- sport climbing and bouldering represent the raison to be of this climber
2. Cristian Mihailescu tel: 0726390132
3. Cornel Sain tel: 0723337736
- mountaineer with more than 30 years of experience, with a large national and international experience in mountaineering
- for initiation into mountaineering and related mountaineering techniques

More details about our trainers' results can be found on


At the gym, you can buy or rent a full climbing equipment: climbing shoes, adjustable harness, protection devices, chalk bag.

Recreation/ leisure:

The locker rooms, the dressing cabins, the showers, the closets make you comfortable and help you to get tidy before going home or to work after all the effort.