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The Internal Security and Rules of Procedure of the Galactic Indoor Climbing Gym

The mountaineering and the climbing are part of the sports category with a high risk degree. Their practice can have as consequences the injury, the severe injury or even the death of the trainee. In order to avoid as possible the injuries during the sport activity's development within the gym, it is necessary to know and respect the following mandatory security and behaviour rules:

the access to the gym is made only on basis of a membership type license or a one day license paid at the gym's reception, with the availability in force and only after the minimum knowledge about security was verified and tested (i.e. the way to knot a rope and the correct way of protection), both being necessary for the activity's development under safe conditions. In case these minimum rules are not known, the client is obliged to buy a one day class in order to learn them.

the gym's personnel is the sole responsible to teach and correct the safety measures within the gym and the clients are obliged to respect them. On the contrary, the clients who will not obey the rules will bear the consequences which could get to the withdrawal of the access right into the gym, a right that can be suspended temporary or definitely.

the way to knot a rope is made only with the rope directly into the harness, any other use manner being forbidden, respectively binding the rope with the carabiner or into the protection pivoting circle of the harness is unaccepted and forbidden. The knot accepted by the gym is the figure-of-eight knot but if there will be used other types of knots recognised by the International Federation, the client can use them without restriction, being directly responsible of the implied consequences.

the assurance of the climber must be done with the straight rope while top rope climbing, trying to avoid as possible any sliding of the rope which could lead to a fall from height and for the lead climbing only under the dynamic assurance conditions. For lead climbing it is strictly forbidden the failure to assure or slip over a sharpened steel tool, this fact causing a high risk factor in case of falling. The only accepted assurance methods for the gym are the ones mentioned, agreed and ratified by the International Federation. Any other method is forbidden and incurs, in case of use, civil, criminal and material liability. The indoor lead climbing brings accident risks. Assuming these risks by the client represents his free consent and the understanding of the inherent risks. The client and the person who assured him bear the responsibility of any accident or injury of the client during this type of climbing, the gym and its personnel being exonerated from any type of liability. Also, the injury of other clients by a client leads to their liability from all points of view.

the role of the red line from the climbing walls is to limit the maximum area until you are allowed to ascend by climbing, without being bound by rope. Its exceeding means a high risk of accident both for the one who exceeds the line and for the other clients who can be found within the respective perimeter.

the wall climbing is allowed only with climbing shoes and the use of the magnesium powder, in free state, in the bag is not allowed. This can be used only as small textile type balls, stopping therefore the overuse of the magnesium powder. For your safety and not only, within this gym, within the perimeter of this gym and during the climbing activity's development, please follow the safety and security rules of the climbing gym which have been presented to you.