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Galactic & ZuMont Climbing Cup

Time table:
Saturday, 12th of December 2015 10:00 -19:00
Sunday, 13th of December 2015 10:00-16:00, 18:00 hours- awards ceremony and raffle

The climbers can try to solve all the proposed themes. There will be no groups. There will be no final.

Subscription: The subscriptions for Galactic & Zumont (CGZ) Climbing Cup can be made either online at , either at the reception, in the contest day.

Master Girls/Boys: advanced climbers
Rookies Girls/ Boys : beginner or medium level climbers, maximum difficulty rate: 8-/8.
Top Rope Girls/Boys : top rope climbers

There will be a number of 51 routes from 6A to 7C+, as follows:
No. of routes Difficulty Category Ppoints/route
55C+Top Rope1
56ATop Rope2
56A+Top Rope3

*- a 7b route and a 7C route will be used as girls/boys finals at the national championship phase and will be available on Sunday, after 12:00 for all the participants.
The number of attempts does not matter.
The flash does not matter.
Only the routes which were totally accomplished will be pointed.
For lead climbing, it is mandatory the assurance of all the loops throughout the route.
The classification is made after adding all the points obtained to all the selected routes.
For Top Rope, the top rope routes will be pointed. (10 routes, 6A, 6A+).
For Rookies and Master the routes starting with the difficulty rate 6b (top rope routes are not quantified) will be pointed.
The top of the route is the last balance point (it is enough holding it with one hand).
The routes for the Rookies and Master categories cannot be made through the top rope style.
Time limit: 15 minutes/ entry into the route

Developers: Petrescu Catalin, Rus Bogdan, Stancescu George, Batar Oliver
Each route will have at the entry a card with the identification number of the route, the name of the developer and the difficulty rate given by the developer.

Taking into account that there is no arbitrator who can evaluate the process, we make an appeal to your fair play. Anyway, the contest will be shoot in order to check the claims, the doubts etc..
At the end of the first contest day, a preliminary classification will be published, made on basis of the participation forms filled in by you and returned to the reception.
We require your support by sending by e-mail ( your observations related to the correctness of the preliminary classification, until Sunday at 9 am.
Your observations will be checked on basis of the material shot on the previous day and in case if they are correct, they will be put into discussion with the persons involved.
The filling of the participation form with unachieved routes registered as achieved, having as aim a higher score for the participant, leads to his disqualification.

For any questions and queries, we ask you to contact the below mentioned persons:
Varsescu Camelia(, 0744665204)
Simion Cristian( , 0722640144)
Florescu Marius(, 0722846659)

Registration fee:
The participants to the Galactic & Zumont 2015 Climbing Cup pay a fee of 50 lei
* the children under 14 years do not pay the registration fee

Participation kit:
1 t-shirt, 1 cap, 1 pen, 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 stick, water

The awards in cash total more than 4500 lei, the vouchers total more than 2000 lei and the products total more than 3500 lei.
The allocation of the awards on categories and places will be announced timely, before the beginning of the contest.
Taking into account that the discussions with the sponsors are not finished, in case that there will be an increase of the prize's ceiling, this will be announced afterwards.
A raffle will take place too.


Time Table:
Saturday, 12th of December 2015 10:00 -19:00
Sunday, 13th of December 2015 11:00- Final at sight, 17:00 hours- Awards ceremony
Senior men/Senior women
Junior men/Junior women

Flash type routes. For any flash ascending, to the score related to the route will be added half of the respective score.
Senior men: 5 routes from 1 to 5 with difficulty rates from 7a+ to 7c+.
Senior women: 5 routes with difficulty rates from 6b+ to 7b
The classification will be made after adding up the scores obtained at all the proposed routes.
On Sunday, the final for senior men and women will be made within the same time, senior men- 1 route, 7c/7c+ at sight, respectively senior women- 1 route, 7b on sight

Participation fee:
The participants to the National Climbing Championship do not pay the registration fee.

Batar Oliver

For any questions and queries, we ask you to contact the below mentioned persons:
Batar Oliver(oliver_climb@yahoo. com)


Time table:
Saturday, 12th of December 2015 09:30 -11:30 - Qualification
Sunday, 13th of December 2015 10:00-11:00 The final ; 17:30 The awards ceremony

2 routes for Qualification and 1 route for The final
Top rope climbing with guidance from the trainers.
The selection will be made according to the number of achieved routes/ balance points.

Participation fee:
The participants to the National Paraclimbing Championship do not pay the participation fee.

Developer: Miu Claudiu

For any questions and queries, we ask you to contact the below mentioned persons:
Miu Claudiu( , 0765162865)