Sala de escalada
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sala de escalada sala de catarare sala de alpinism
We are closed on the folowing dates:
24.12.2019, 25.12.2019, 26.12.2019
01.01.2020, 02.01.2020
Since 2006, on the Romanian climbing field appeared a modern climbing gym. From 2013, the location changed (the current enclosure is about 100m backwards) and on the old gym's structure, new facilities were built, both for the competitors as well as for beginners/ children.
Galactic Indoor Climbing GYM is Romania's largest climbing gym.
Climbing surface - the largest artificial climbing structure which currently exists in Romania- is about 780 square meters, to which are added about 125 square meters of the bouldering wall.

Monday - Friday: 16:00 - 22:30
Saturday: 15:00 - 19:00 - Excepting 1st August - 15th Sept when the gym is closed on Saturdays
Sunday: Closed*

* at the express request of the clients, the gym can be opened on Sundays, too, with the reservation made previously with minimum 2 days and with payment in advance (minimum 8 persons).
* on Sunday, the memberships are not available.
Mountaineering schools

The main themes imply technical details about the equipment used for climbing and mountaineering- during the summer/ winter seasons, safety and assurance details, school for the assurance of the climbing leader in case of falling, main ascending and descending techniques, first aid instructions and summer/ winter bivouac.
Address: 16 A Constructorilor bld., within the enclosure of GRAND METAL factory, the entrance is through 4 Rusetu street.