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In 2006, on the Romanian climbing field appeared a modern climbing gym. From 2013, the location changed (the current enclosure is about 100m backwards) and on the old gym's structure, new facilities were built, both for the competitors as well as for beginners/ children.

Galactic Indoor Climbing GYM is Romania's largest climbing gym.

Climbing surface - the largest artificial climbing structure which currently exists in Romania- is about 780 square meters, to which are added about 125 square meters of the bouldering wall..

In this field, there are 11 top ropes 11 top ropes of 12, 5 m height which serve, currently, for approx. 106 routes, with difficulty grades from 5 to 10,satisfying even the most demanding clients.
When building this gym, we aimed to create a community of climbers and learn how to interact positively.
The beginners benefit here of trainings coordinated by 5 trainers with a lot of experience in the mountaineering and climbing field.
Also, the comers are encouraged and helped by the experienced persons and if they wish, they can participate to mountaineering / climbing classes or schools.
The locker rooms, the dressing cabins, the showers, the closets make you comfortable and help you to get tidy before going home or to work after all the effort.

The gym is currently divided in three activity sections, as follows:


Within this section, there are walls with different gradients: verticals, fallen walls at a 65 degrees angle, overhanging walls, roof climbing.

12 routes for the rope climbing:
- 1 section for children, with a height of 5m, where they can meet characters from their favorite cartoons
- 11 top ropes for the beginner and medium level
8 routes for lead climbing for the beginner, medium and advanced levels, with a difficulty rate from 5+ to 8a+


This is a training section which includes:
an endurance wall at a 40? angle
a Gulich type wall
2 Moon type walls
3 training boards


Encloses three different areas with a multitude of volumes, angles and forms.
The central area of the bouldering wall has a gradient of more than 60?

The photo gallery with pictures from the gym can be found here.